The Adopt an Artist Program

A Business Venture rooted in Inspiration

Presented by Mia Feroleto


The Adopt An Artist Program is created and produced by Mia Feroleto, the originator of ARTWALK NY and other groundbreaking events in the New York City contemporary art world.  Most recently, as an authorized representative of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Feroleto negotiated the return of the largest collection of artifacts (131 objects) stolen from the dead at the Wounded Knee Massacre back to the Lakota people.  She is currently leading the return of additional artifacts from the American Museum of Natural History and other museums and institutions around the country.

Mia Feroleto was trained as a painter and holds an MA degree in lithography.  She has printed professionally for artists such as Romare Bearden, Peter Bradley and John Biggers at Bob Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop in New York City and has published multiples with renown artists Lucio Pozzi and Glenn Goldberg.  Feroleto feels that whether it be working on a blank piece of canvas or envisioning a project such as ARTWALK NY or the Adopt An Artist Program, the same creative principles apply.  Hence, the need for fostering creativity in all forms.

The Adopt An Artist Program re-configures the present-day art world and supports art in the home and in the daily lives of all of us, especially our children.

Overview of the Adopt An Artist Program

Residents of the United States and countries around the world will be invited to participate in the Adopt An Artist Program by hosting a visiting artist in their homes for a two-week or one-month period of time.  Ideally, studio space of some form will be available for the artist’s use.  The need of the artist for clean, dry, bright space will be important.  Many artists will choose to work outside, weather permitting.  Possibilities for studio space include barns, porches or spare rooms.  The visiting artist will be invited to share meals and participate in whatever way their hosting family find enjoyable.  For instance, an artist might like to prepare their favorite meal for their hosting family or play their favorite film or music.  The cross-pollination of culture and ideas will foster an atmosphere of continual learning and sharing of thoughts and inspiration as well has provide an up front and personal example of a working artists for children and young adults.  A nominal fee will be charged both artist and hosting family for the ability to be matched in a home several times per year.


Our primary goal for the Adopt An Artist Program is to stimulate creativity and create a catalyst for the growth of the arts within the individual and the collective.  Hearkening back to the times of Ancient Greece and Rome when the arts were a part of everyday life, we propose a present day plan to fill in the void left in our current education system as budgets are slashed and the arts are under-valued.  As Dr. Rudolf Steiner deeply believed, the arts are one of the doorways to higher realms of thought and spirituality.

What We Will Cover in This Presentation

Mia Feroleto will discuss both the background and overview of the Adopt An Artist Program and discuss why a program like this is of such importance in 2024.  She will review the following:

  • How the Adopt An Artist Website will function?
  • Who is an “adoptable artist”?
  • What are the responsibilities of the hosting family?
  • What are the responsibilities of the visiting artist?
  • How will the hosting family be compensated?
  • How will the non-profit arm of the program work?
  • How does Dr. Rudolf Steiner factor into the Adopt An Artist Program?
  • What is the estimated cost to the artist and host family to participate in the Adopt An Artist Program?
  • Review the estimated revenue for the Adopt An Artist Program and the return for investors.

For More Information

Mailing List, to be involved or to invest, email Mia Feroleto directly at: [email protected]

Mia Feroleto is a well-known art advisor, activist and artist who divides her time between Vermont and South Dakota.

She was the creator of A SHELTER FROM THE STORM: ARTISTS FOR THE HOMELESS OF NEW YORK and ARTWALK NY, an annual event for Coalition for the Homeless that has been copied all around the country since beginning in 1995. Feroleto has organized numerous benefit auctions and large-scale special events at major auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the Women’s Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Harvard Club in New York City.

Feroleto has served on the board of directors of such organizations as Dance Theater Workshop and Sculpture Center. Many performing artists who went on to receive a Genius Award from the MacArthur Foundation got their start at Dance Theater Workshop.  She served on the board of directors of the Tatanka Ska Institute, the Indigenous school being founded by Paula Looking Horse, wife of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe.

Feroleto is the publisher of New Observations Magazine, the producer/creator of HEMP NY CITY, a partner in the founding of the Thunderheart Center for the Arts in Wasta, South Dakota, and the creator and producer of the Consciousness and Contact conferences that have received worldwide recognition. Mia Feroleto is the host of the New Observations podcast on Unknown Country, the channel for all things Whitley Strieber. She is a committed to animal rights and an animal welfare activist. She is determined to maximize visibility for the arts and our cultural world, and is currently developing the Adopt an Artist Program to send artists around the globe to create and develop their art.

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