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Spirit Journey to Wounded Knee

One woman’s quest for spirit healing through art

Mia Feroleto will guide us through her life, back to her childhood, her education in art and journalism, and the intersections and turning points that led her to the Lakota and beyond.

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The Living Sound of Lautsänger

A Healthy Trend for Loudspeaker Technology

From the Gramophone to modern-day speakers, loudspeaker technology has changed in design and material over the past hundred years. But what has yet to be achieved is a living sound comparable to that of a live performance, until now.

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Trends in Mental Health


Two broad trends are appearing in modern society that speak to both the long-term evolution of consciousness and to the more immediate crises of today. these trends will be discussed from the perspective of a practicing therapist and student of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

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Decades of Geoengineering


Elana Freeland, author of Geoengineering Transhumanism, the third book in her Geoengineering Trilogy, will help us with contextual challenges of understanding how technology is being used today and how this most of all is a reason why many people cannot comprehend geoengineering, especially how it relates to Transhumanism. If we begin by looking at the MACRO picture of geoengineering in the skies and eventually move on to the MICRO picture of what we have inhaled and ingested, and what we are being inoculated with, then we begin to see a clear picture of a transhumanist future being planned out for the masses. All around us and inside of us, technological creations are replacing what is natural because machine technology is the world of the future. What must our response be?

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Eastern Europe and the Spirits of Personality


Daniel Perez, a Computer Scientist and long time Anthroposophist, will review the currents at work in the Ukrainian war, including the spiritual forces that inspire Putin and drive him to stand in opposition to the West. Since the middle ages a spiritual battle has been raging between the Spirits of Personality (the Archai) and the fallen Spirits of Form (the Exusiai). That conflict has accelerated in the modern age, and is manifesting in today’s Ukrainian conflict. As human beings are increasingly pushed towards the threshold of the spiritual world in the modern age, the Apocalypse predicts what forces and beings we will face. Those beings include the “Beast and False Prophet.” Ukraine is on the front lines of this major spiritual battle of our time and in this conflict we will learn what this rising beast means for our human destiny.

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Trapped in the Metaverse

The metaverse is being advertised as a technology that allows users to create their own realities. However, it will also allow the behavioral modification techniques currently used in social media to become far more effective, which may lead to what the father of virtual reality, Jaron Lanier, calls “the ultimate Skinner box.”

Boyd Collins has thirty years of experience building web applications and is the author of numerous articles on how to free ourselves from social media addiction. He will describe the metaverse and the type of human being it is designed to produce. The tech giants are spending many billions on the transition from social media to the embodied internet, an interoperable network of 3D virtual worlds that can be customized according to user requirements. However, as with social media, it is not the platform, but the user, that is the product. The platform reduces the human being to a collection of psychological drives and removes the “I”, the “authentic self” from its center. In the metaverse, the inner self is treated as a neurological illusion which can be manipulated in order to drive user engagement.

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