Trends in Mental Health

Faces of a Changing Society

Saturday, July 2 at 10 am PDT


Talk will be recorded.

A talk by Robert Filocco

We are witnessing today and participating in a kind of split in thought, in feeling and in our actions. Certain patterns are manifesting that support an increasingly materialistic, narcissistic, amoral and violent way of being. In contrast we also seeing the emergence of a countering group of individuals with a spiritual questing and exploratory outlook. This is especially true of the newer generations coming into their own. Many of these individuals are entering the mental health system with diagnoses of ADHA, OCD, and autism.

How can we best understand the emergence of these individuals, in particular their openness to spiritual and paranormal experience, capacity for empathy, creativity and high emotional intelligence? What are the specific challenges they will face?

The role of the internet, virtual and augmented realities, the dangers of AI and our polluted ecology will also be explored in the light of Steiner’s predictions of a coming empathic humanity and a “war of all versus all.”

Robert Filocco, after completing his advanced studies in Psychology, began his work in the field of mental health which has continued since 1986, most recently in private practice.  He has served as an adjunct professor of Psychology at several universities and colleges. Since his youth he has pursued interests in the paranormal, especially UFOs, publishing in The Bulletin of Anomalous Experience, Outer Limits Magazine, and related journals. He is also a children’s book author. Most recently he has pursued in depth reading and study of Rudolf Steiner, leading up to his recent paper “Steiner, Ahriman and UFOS” serving as the basis for the conference’s presentation.

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