The Living Sound of Lautsänger

A Healthy Trend for Loudspeaker Technology

Friday, December 9 at 10 am PDT


Product Presentation will be recorded.

Product Presentation by:
Harald Hobelsberger, CEO of Lautsänger, &
Dr. Ralf Tita, Cymatics Institute

From the Gramophone to modern-day speakers, loudspeaker technology has changed in design and material over the past hundred years. But what has yet to be achieved is a living sound comparable to that of a live performance.

When one is present in front of an orator, a singer, or any natural instrument, the sound forms emanating from these performances are of a healthy, living quality, unlike what modern-day loudspeakers produce. But what if these living sound forms, otherwise known as cymatic forms, were applied to the loudspeaker? What would be the outcome? What would be the benefits?

Join Dr. Ralf Tita and Harald Hobelsberger, CEO of Lautsänger, as they explain why Lautsänger is the transformational future of loudspeaker technology.

Some of what will be covered during this Prodcast:

  • Nature of sound
  • Problems in normal loudspeaker technology
  • A new approach with Lautsänger Technology toward the living sound
  • Benefits, key features and clinical study results of Lautsänger use
  • Product presentation
  • Lautsänger manufacturing tour

Harald Hobelsberger, CEO Lautsänger

Mr. Hobelsberger, has an engineering degree and is the CEO of Lautsänger (est. 2019) that builds speaker and headphones based on the insights of cymatics to archive a true lively sound. He is head of the School of Cymatics and has been in sound and Hifi applications for many years.

Portrait - Ralf Tita

Dr. Ralf Tita, PhD

Dr. Tita has a PhD. in medical technology. He has worked since 2009 in the “House of Singing” which was founded by Atmani in 2000. He organized the World Cymatics Congress in Germany in 2014 and is part of the faculty of the “School of Cymatics”. He is head of the product development of the Lautsänger company.

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