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Spirit Journey to Wounded Knee

One woman’s quest for spirit healing through art.

Saturday, February 18 at 10 am PDT


Talk will be recorded.

Indian at sunset

An Autobiographical Talk by Mia Feroleto

The indigenous peoples of America have had deep connections to this “sea to shining sea” land for millennia. Their long history of nurturing and cultivating the land through spirit guidance maintained a symbiotic balance between nature and people that only recently was disrupted so extremely that the land and people have yet to recover.

One of the biggest disrupters to the trinity of Spirit, Land and People was the Massacre at Wounded Knee in South Dakota when nearly 300 fleeing Lakota were shot in the back by U.S. Army soldiers on December 29, 1890 near Wounded Knee Creek on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Because of this act of brutality against a people on their own land, the rightful Lakota path, the path of this Nation, was blocked and denied.

Mia Feroleto has felt a deep connection with the Lakota for much of her life, and it could be said that her dedication to the Arts laid the foundation for her commitment to see the return of precious Wounded Knee artifacts to the Lakota people after 132 years. The ceremonial arrival of the artifacts in December 2022 directly aligned with Pluto’s astrological return, the importance of which cannot be minimized as America returns to the astrology of its birth.

Mia Feroleto will guide us through her life, back to her childhood, her education in art and journalism, and the intersections and turning points that led her to the Lakota and beyond.

Mia Feroleto is a well-known art advisor, activist and artist who divides her time between Vermont and South Dakota.

She was the creator of A SHELTER FROM THE STORM: ARTISTS FOR THE HOMELESS OF NEW YORK and ARTWALK NY, an annual event for Coalition for the Homeless that has been copied all around the country since beginning in 1995. Feroleto has organized numerous benefit auctions and large-scale special events at major auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the Women’s Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Harvard Club in New York City.

Feroleto has served on the board of directors of such organizations as Dance Theater Workshop and Sculpture Center. Many performing artists who went on to receive a Genius Award from the MacArthur Foundation got their start at Dance Theater Workshop.  She served on the board of directors of the Tatanka Ska Institute, the Indigenous school being founded by Paula Looking Horse, wife of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the keeper of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe.

Feroleto is the publisher of New Observations Magazine, the producer/creator of HEMP NY CITY, a partner in the founding of the Thunderheart Center for the Arts in Wasta, South Dakota, and the creator and producer of the Consciousness and Contact conferences that have received worldwide recognition.

Mia Feroleto is the host of the New Observations podcast on Unknown Country, the channel for all things Whitley Strieber. She is a committed to animal rights and an animal welfare activist. She is determined to maximize visibility for the arts and our cultural world, and is currently developing the Adopt an Artist Program to send artists around the globe to create and develop their art.

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