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Eastern Europe and the Spirits of Personality

Ukraine Caught in the Conflict of Eastern and Western Ideologies

Saturday, May 28 at 10 am PDT

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A talk by Daniel Perez

Putin sees himself as a force for good, as a savior of Russia and as working towards the ideal of a spiritual state. It is hard for us in the West to conceive how anyone could visualize the ruthless actions of such a dictator as a Christian act of providence. However, the West stands within its own errors, driven by self-interest and materialism and a self-indulgent sleepiness. In the ideal, the West is driven towards ethical individualism, but in missing this ideal falls into materialism. Meanwhile the East holds onto the spiritual direction of the fallen Spirits of Form, the old forms that inspired the ancient world and formed civilization. In the modern age we are called on to work with the Archai, the Spirits of Personality to develop a social form based on the individual. Through the global pandemic and our mishandling of the international challenges, we now face a spiritual crisis of WWIII proportions.

There is an ideology that stands behind the East, reflected by Putin in Russia, versus in the West as reflected by European and US leaders. Putin and academic thinkers aligned with his leadership style, such as Professor Alexander Dugin, articulate the Eastern dictate, “Putin lives and acts under the formula ‘I am the state, the people and the society.’ The state must be ‘dissolved’ in the people and then reconstructed from the bottom up. And it must be done with the help of our Putin, who can even be deified so that he can perform great deeds calmly and steadily, without bothering himself with petty ‘elections’.”

In contrast the West speaks of fair elections and democracy however, our preoccupation with a moral foundation proceeding from the state with regard to rules and laws imposed from above, is only in aspects different from the Eastern orientation. Mandates for our personal health stand in opposition to Steiner’s great insights on healthcare. We have received an influx of cosmic individualization from the Archai as a positive force in the West, but largely have turned this influence into petty materialistic concerns. While Russia celebrates unified coerced media, we prefer bubbles of polarized groups who do not speak with each other. In this we find some semblance of the mission of the Archai, but in a quite fallen state. Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular are the expression of this conflict between East and West, where individuals are pawns in Putin’s games, while the West fails to stand for a morality based on ethical individualism.

The Apocalypse describes the events of our times with great refinement. Steiner describes his time as the sixth trumpet and our time since the new Millennium as the seventh. This is where the ‘I’ is torn asunder in many people for the first time in human history, replaced by the ‘locusts’ in their astral bodies. The ‘Beast and False Prophet’ express this second great fall of man and prepare us for the next age. Now is the time for humanity to become conscious of the evolution of the ‘I’ in the human being and cherish its spiritual development.

Daniel Perez is a Computer Scientist in the Boston area, and an Anthroposophist since 1980 when as a Waldorf high school student he attended his first youth conference. He is president of the Center for Anthroposophy, the teacher training and Renewal non-profit, and CEO of Threefold Strategies Fund that seeks to return capital from the financial markets to the Cultural domain. His spouse is a fellow spiritual scientist, and his son is a Waldorf teacher in San Francisco. His daughter is a writer and a deep sea fisher-woman. While Daniel is not an historian, he is deeply engaged in world-events and derives research from his exoteric, meditative life, and is a regular speaker and writer.

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